Clayworks is an award winning UK manufacturer and provider of services and products in unfired clay born out of twelve years of building with natural materials. We provide a beautiful range of backing coat and through-pigmented top-coat clay plasters. We regularly advise interior designers, architects, contractors and self-builders. We also offer specialist contracting services as well as provide practical training courses to novice and professional plasterers through the UK Clay Plaster Network.


Clayworks clay plaster is a high performance wall finish; a breathability asset to contemporary eco builds, refurbishment and traditional restoration. Clayworks clay plaster helps you design your healthy, beautiful, comfortable home with natural products.


You can browse and purchase Clayworks clay plaster products, learn about the health benefits of natural plasters, train with us, read our books, see our stunning colours chart and catch up with us on our blog.


Clayworks – Proud to be the UK manufacturer of clay plaster and home of the UK Clay Plaster Network

Clay plaster Clay plaster Clay plaster Clay plaster Clay_plaster Soho Earth_Plaster pigmented clay_plaster Clay_plaster at Nando's Low carbon alternatives to normal plaster pigmented top coat clay plaster with mica pigmented top coat clay plaster without mica clay plaster pigmented top coat clay plaster with mica Winner of the Eco product award at BuildIT 2012 Clay plaster textured wall finish at Nandos pigmented rustic top coat Training in clay plastering pigmented top-coat with mica two tone pigmented top-coat pigmented top-coat without mica Claywork's Earth plasters pigmented top-coat without mica Earth plasters help regulate humidity and temperature two tone pigmented rustic top-coat earth plaster